online barn door hardware ordering process

The following steps will guide you through the ordering process online.  If you are unsure about any options you can either select 'No' or 'Don't Know' to skip and these can be purchased at a later date if required.

Step 1. Single or Bi-Parting

Select 'Single' for all normal single doors. Select 'Bi-Parting' for double doors that meet in the middle on the same track.

Note: 'Bi-Parting' will add a second roller set and installation kit to your order.

Step 2. Add Soft Close

All our tracking systems are all 'Soft Close ready'. To include a Soft Close kit ensure to select the kit best suited for your door.  More information on soft close can be found here.

For standard doors under 50kg select 'Standard'
For heavy doors or when your prefer an adjustable heavy duty Soft Close system  choose 'Heavy Duty'

Note: 1 x Soft Close kit will be added for Single Doors, 2 x kits will be added for Bi-Parting Doors.


Step 3. Track Length

A general rule of thumb when calculating track length is 2x your door width. Select the track option closet to this length (longer rather than shorter).

Note: This is always slightly longer than what is required. See here for more detailed information.


Step 4. Clearance Spacers

See here for more information about setting correct clearance.

You will be ask to 'Select your total Door Thickness + Skirting Thickness'.  

Simply add your door thickness and skirting thickness (normally 0 - 18mm) together. e.g Door thickness 38mm + Skirting thickness 12mm = 50mm
In this example select 49 - 54mm.

The required Clearance Spacers kit will be automatically added to your cart.

Note: If none are required, no extra items will be added. 



GIB Inserts are strongly recommended for heavier doors 50Kg and above or for extra piece of mind. GIB inserts will eliminate sag over time from plasterboard compression. See more about GIB Inserts here.

Select either 'No' or choose from standard GIB (10mm).  In rare circumstances where thicker GIB is used, select 13mm.  

The required GIB Insert kit will automatically be added to your cart. Consider adding a spade drill bit to your order to make installation quick and clean.

Note: If no GIB Inserts are required, no extra items will be added. 


Please see our Technical Page for more or contact us if you require further assistance.