Strong Hardwearing Steel

Crafted for longevity and structural integrity

Robust Durability

Expertly engineered for longevity, the Estrada range of door hardware systems are manufactured in New Zealand and individually constructed using quality NZ steel. Every customisation is built to complement modern NZ construction, ensuring long-term performance. 

Dulux Industrial Powder Coating 

Harnessing long lasting protection, Estrada track systems are finished with Dulux Industrial Powder Coating making the hardware superiorly resistant to scratching, fading, chipping and rolling. 

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Interior Adaptability

Estrada Door Hardware was established with the value of engineering track systems that measured up to New Zealand environments. The Estrada track systems are built with versatility in mind, taking into consideration NZ door frame sizing and building materials. The system’s minimalist design has the flexibility to adapt to timeless and modern interior trends—from contemporary sophistication to rustic interiors.