Custom Colour Barn Door Hardware

We often get asked if it's possible to have a custom coloured barn door hardware system. At Estrada we design and manufacturer hardware in New Zealand therefore all of our barn door hardware systems are powder coated in New Zealand using Dulux coatings. This enables us to offer custom coloured barn door tracks and rollers from a wide range of colour options.


Can you paint hardware for a barn door?

Architectural hardware forms an important part of the overall aesthetic of a house or building. While it may be tempting to paint architectural hardware to match the colour of other decorative elements, it's generally not recommended for several reasons:

Durability: Architectural hardware is designed to withstand frequent use, exposure to the elements, and wear and tear. However, painting the hardware can weaken its durability, making it more susceptible to chipping, peeling, and rusting.

Maintenance: Painted hardware requires more maintenance and upkeep than unpainted hardware. The paint may require touch-ups or repainting over time to maintain its appearance, which can be time-consuming and costly.

For this reason we only recommend powder coating over a properly prepared surface for maximum adhesion and proper finish.


White barn door hardware

pair of white barn door sliding rollers on wooden bench top

White became very popular as many homes use a lot of white throughout the decor. Dulux offers many different types of white options depending on the customers preference. A popular colour choice in white is Appliance White as this matches most other standard white fixtures.


Brass, Copper and Gold barn door hardware

gold barn door hardware roller set on bench top
Brass coloured barn door hardware is fast becoming very popular and to create a true brass coated system is often not a viable option due to the nasty chemicals that are involved and the associated high costs. The same goes for copper barn door hardware so we turn to Dulux who have a wide range of metallic coating options. Copper Pearl is the go to colour for copper replication, the above image shows our Curve Rollers in Dulux Bright Gold Pearl.

copper barn door hardware colour
image: Dulux NZ


Grey and gunmetal barn door hardware 

grey barn door hardware

image: Dulux NZ

Grey and Gun metal barn door hardware is often requested to fit in with other hardware throughout a home. Dulux offers many grey colours and we have had great success using Metro Electric Cow Kenetic which is a slightly darker gun metal grey.


What is the cost for custom coloured barn door hardware?

Creating a custom coloured sliding door hardware system does increase the price significantly due to the work that is involved. As we don't want raw uncoated steel sitting on our shelves all items are prepped, cleaned and powder coated as soon as possible after manufacturing.

When it comes to custom coloured door hardware we take our standard Dulux black components and and strip these down to the bare protected steel and then prep and powder coat in the chosen colour. Like all manufacturing, final costs are determined by quantity and therefore when powder coating a single hardware system the full cost of the process is passed on to the customer.  


What barn door hardware colour options are available?

When choosing a colour, solid colours are best avoided if possible as any flaws in the steel or marks and scratches over time will show far more than a coating that has texture to it. 

For a full range of colour options it's worth referring to Dulux colour charts.

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