Can you use barn door hardware on any door?

Barn doors have become a popular choice for interior design, adding focal points while achieving space-saving functionality to homes and offices. Quality intuitive design coupled with the right door, allows doors to glide effortlessly along a track, creating a unique aesthetic and saving valuable floor space. But can you use barn door hardware on any door? In this post, we'll explore the factors to consider before converting a door to a sliding door and adding the required hardware to help you determine whether it's a feasible option for your specific needs. 

white door in house hallway that could be replaced with barn door
  1. Door Size and Weight:

    One of the primary considerations when installing barn door hardware is the size and weight of the door. Estradas Barn door hardware is designed with solid wood barn doors in mind with adaptive components for heavier doors that are thicker and more substantial than standard interior doors. Having said that, lighter doors create great functioning barn doors providing the door is suitable for fixing the rolling hardware into. A solid top rail is preferred for mounting the rollers. Hollow doors often have a solid rail which is ideal to fix into however If your door does not have a solid section in the top part we do have a solution - get in touch with us.

    A door will need to be slightly larger than the door opening, often covering the architrave on each side if used, otherwise the door will need to overlap the wall 20-100mm on each side. The same overlap is often used for the top however when calculating your door height do consider the door will be lifted 12mm off the ground for adequate clearance.

    The design of the door should allow for the attachment of the necessary rollers that will connect it to the track. Some systems on the market require a door to be a certain thickness for the hardware to work and to achieve proper clearance off the wall where as Estrada Systems can accommodate any size and thickness door.

  2. Wall considerations:

    Barn door tracks are specifically designed to be mounted to the wall above the opening, with a track running horizontally across the wall. Consequently, the wall needs to have sufficient space above the door opening to accommodate the hardware.

    The durability and stability of the wall and the surrounding wall structure play a crucial role in determining whether barn door hardware can be installed. A solid lintel running behind where the track is to be located ensures a solid fixing in to the wall to take the load of the door and hardware.

  3. Accessibility and Clearance:

    Before proceeding with barn door hardware installation, consider the accessibility and clearance requirements. Barn doors slide horizontally, necessitating enough clearance off the wall and space on either side of the door for it to slide open fully. Use our Clearance Calculator to determine if additional clearance spacers are required for your door and our Track Length Calculator to determine the optimal track length.

    Measure the available wall space to determine if it can accommodate the door when fully opened. Additionally, check for any potential obstructions such as furniture, light switches, or outlets that might impede the door's movement or pose a safety hazard.

While barn door hardware can be a stylish and functional addition to many doors, it's important to assess the door's suitability before proceeding with the installation. Consider factors such as the door size and weight, door design, frame and wall structure, and clearance requirements.  Take the time to evaluate these factors, select the right door, and enjoy the benefits that a barn door with the correct hardware setup can bring to your home or office.

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