We focused on Hardware only

We don't manufacture doors, this is specialised trade which we leave to the experts allowing us to be experts in hardware. If you need a door we can point you in the right direction.

We're Kiwi as

We're a family run business based in Auckland. We spend our time in our workshop so we don't operate from a shop front. This keeps the turn production times to a minimum and enables us to pass on cheeper prices.

The right advice. For free

There are some important factors to consider before installing a sliding or barn door system. Let us ensure you get the correct hardware for your door.

We're here to ensure you receive exactly what you need the first time.

We'll even be right here if you need help come installation.

We do the calculations to work out what will work the best and what you'll need to get your Barn Door rolling. This service is completely FREE so talk to us now.  


Here's a few points to consider: 

  • Achieving correct clearance between your door and wall - this is such an important factor and often over looked with generic hardware.

  • What is the sliding door used for? Set-ups will differ between a bathroom and wardrobe. We have some hints and tips that may help your situation.

  • Got space restrictions or specific requirements? We'll sort out some options for you.

  • What's inside your wall? You're about to hang some serious weight off it - let's make sure it's done right!

  See our Help Centre where many common questions can be answered. 

Let us do the hard work so you get exactly what you need.